Yoga and YogDev Wheel Review


Lately on my no cardio days (Tuesday and Thursday) I’ve been working on my balance and stance by doing an array of yoga exercises. Most are more geared towards helping amenorrhea (something I have been experiencing for some time now) but every now and then I’ll do a session that focuses on just balance. And since I’m not the most balanced person to begin with; I figure it’ll take some time before I feel 100% confident in taking my yoga “experience” outside my bedroom walls. In the meantime, test and try over and over, right?

So when Shaun from YogDev reached out to me about trying the YogDev Wheel, I couldn’t say no. I’ve seen yoga wheels being used on instagram photos by some individuals that I follow and I’ve always been intrigued. Not only can some of these girls and guys do these ridiculously awesome looking poses, but they’re doing them with a yoga wheel! You know – resorting back to the middle school, “she has that ability, I want that ability too!” mentality. 


But the wheel is so much more than just a tool that helps you look awesome while working on both your core and ability to better balance yourself. There are many things that a yoga wheel can help improve including:

  • Release muscle tension
  • Build strength in both your core and back
  • Stretch key areas: chest, shoulders, back and hips
  • Tone mid-riffs, arms and buttocks
  • Drastically improve balance
  • Challenge basic yoga poses
  • Help to transition into a headstand or handstand

Those sound like things that everyone can benefit from. I’m all about toning my core so I was excited to try out the wheel once my YogDev package arrived. 

First off – I want to take a couple sentences to dedicate to how well designed this wheel is. The particular wheel I was sent was gray and white, which is perfect because my house is all neutral and I have OCD about things matching. Also, when positioned with the wheel, you don’t have the unfortunate skin pinches if you were to flinch slightly or feel like you have plastic squished between your legs or digging into your back arch – the padding material is so soft and comfortable. 

What else is awesome is that YogDev sends you a small pamphlet that gives you a variety of poses to use with the wheel – something anyone without yoga wheel experience needs! What I loved most about that was the listed poses too was that they didn’t seem too far-fetched for a beginner or someone who may not be super flexible.

I can’t wait to continuing using the yoga wheel in an abundance of ways and gaining the courage to actually video my experience – I need a little more practice first though! In the meantime, if you’re interested in having a YogDev Wheel for yourself – check them out here. Don’t forget to check out their mats and towels as well! 


Yoga Tuesday

I’m convinced that everyone could use a little yoga in their life, be it for meditation reasons, to tone up, or to help cope with minor illnesses. If you research enough, you’ll find there’s a yoga pose for everything and the health benefits are a few pages long.

For my Tuesday, Thursday and Sundays I will be doing yoga sessions either early in the morning or later in the evening depending on at what point I do my 45 minute session on the elliptical. These are my off HIIT days and I would like to use those to concentrate more on tone and balance; something I desperately need.

Now I am by no means a yoga expert. Everything is always a learning experience, especially when it comes to our own physical bodies and the extent of what they can do. For the first week of summer sweat sessions, these are the following poses I will be doing. Feel free to jot them down if you’d like to give them a try – all of them are beginners poses and fairly easy to do!

Yoga Exercises: Session 1
Child’s Pose – Example, Example 2
Cat Pose – Example 
Cow Pose – Example
Downward Dog – Example
Halfway Lift – Example 
Mountain Pose – Example

Yoga Exercises: Session 2
Forward Bend – Example 
Halfway Lift – Example, Example 2
Chaturanga – Example
Up Dog – Example
Downward Dog 
Halfway Lift 
Forward Bend
Mountain Pose