Overnight Fridge Oats and the Flexibility of Meal-Prepping Them


Let’s face it. A lot of us aren’t morning people and even if we were, how many really want to cook a well-balanced breakfast each and every morning? I know I don’t. Especially after a hard workout or a late night. It’s more ideal to have something already prepped and ready to just pop in the microwave or in a bowl. 

There’s a lot of quick and convenient store-bought breakfasts that you can buy, but why trust manufacturers to actually produce something entirely healthy? Half of the stuff listed on the nutrient guide of packages I can’t even pronounce. I feel so much safe when I know what ingredients are used in the foods I cook because I put them there. 


With Overnight Fridge Oats, you can choose from any sort of fruit to your liking as well as added ingredients. This makes them flexible to those with a vegan, gluten-free and paleo diet as well. You just need a few ingredients and a container to store them in. I use mason jars for mine. But best part? They stay fresh and impact in the refrigerator for up to 4 days! So you can make four breakfasts in one meal-prep session. 


Add all ingredients in order for the best results:

1/2 cup of Step 1 Basic Ingredients: Old-Fashioned Oats. Mulesi. 

1/4 cup of Step 2 Basic Ingredients: Yogurt. Almond Milk. Whole Milk.

1 Tablespoon of Step 3 Basic Ingredients: Honey. Artificial Sweetener. 

1 teaspoon of Step 4 Basic Ingredients: Peanut Butter. Chia Seeds. 

1/2 cup of Step 5 Basic Ingredients: Blueberries. Tart Cherries. Strawberries. Banana. Apples.

1 Tablespoon of Optional Step 6 Toppings: Mini Chocolate Chips. Cinnamon.